Why Is Multiple Property Umbrella Insurance Right For You?

There Are Multiple Benefits to Multiple Property Umbrella Insurance, Including Having One Policy with One Renewal Date

For savvy real estate investors looking to continue to expand their portfolio, multiple property umbrella insurance is ideal.  If you are a real estate investor with multiple properties, then one of the biggest, and most time consuming, aspects of investing is adding a new policy with each property.  This can not only be tiresome, but it can also be hard to keep up with.

What Is Multiple Property Umbrella Insurance?

In short, multiple property umbrella insurance consolidates all of your properties into one policy.  This means you get one renewal date and one bill, no matter how many properties you do have.   You also get one million in general liability, as well as other additional benefits.

Not only is this ideal because it offers you a better way to keep track of all the insurance involving your properties, but as mentioned, it also offers additional benefits and coverage that you may not necessarily get outside of this policy.

Is Multiple Property Umbrella Insurance Right For You?

If you have multiple real estate properties, no matter what type of property they might be - such as a commercial property, a house you are getting ready to flip, are leasing out, and so forth; then the multiple property umbrella insurance might be right for you.

It not only cuts back on significant time, which you could then spend investing, but it also allows you to save a considerable amount of money as well.

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