Do You Have Auto Dealer Garage Insurance?

Auto Dealer Garage Insurance WILL Protect Your Business In the Event of A Mishap

Thinking of getting Auto Dealer Garage Insurance?  Here's a few reasons why this would be a viable solution for you:

What Is Auto Dealer Garage Insurance

If you own a used car dealership, auto garage, auto dealership, tow truck company, or essentially any business that deals specifically with the selling and maintenance of cars, then this would be the right insurance for you.

In essence, this niche-specific insurance will help you in many different worst-case scenarios; for example, the wrong part is used during the maintenance of a car under your garage's care.  Or, a car is not properly secured by a tow truck and becomes damaged as a result.

In all of these cases you may be LIABLE if you do not have the right kind of insurance.

Why You NEED Auto Dealer Garage Insurance

Quite simply, you need this type of insurance because you want to protect your assets.  In the above scenarios, because you may be held liable, that means you may not only be required to pay damages to the owner of the vehicle, but they may also sue you as well.  Litigation itself can carry additional costs and fees, as well as may potentially cost even more a headache if you lose the case.

Thus, if you work in the auto industry, you need to get the right insurance.

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