How Much Does General Contractor Insurance Cost?

If You Are a General Contractor Or Are Working With Contractors, You Need To Know!

Do know how much does general contractor insurance cost? If you are a general contractor yourself, or you a real estate investor looking to hire contractors, then this important information you should know.

How Much Does General Contractor Insurance Cost?

The amount that you will pay for insurance will vary significantly, depending on several different factors.  For example, if you are a general contractor - are your subcontractors insured or uninsured?  This matters because with uninsured subcontractors you will end up paying a lot in more in insurance than if they are insured.

In addition, if you are a real estate investor, and you are having work done on the property, then this automatically makes you a general contractor.  This would be another way in which your cost of insurance can differ.

Variables On How Much Does General Contractor Insurance Cost?

As showcased above, the type of insurance rates you will see will differ depending on the type of construction job that is being completed.  Insurance can cost $80 per week, or it can cost $100 per week.  This is why these variables greatly matter.

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