Is Title Insurance Tax Deductible On Rental Property?

Here's What You Need To Know About Insurance Deductibles

If you are a real estate investor, then you have most likely found yourself asking, "Is Title Insurance Tax Deductible On Rental Property?"  To answer that, one must consider the many nuances that effect insurance in the first place.

Back to the question:

Is Title Insurance Tax Deductible On Rental Property

The short answer is no.  However, before delving into that, one must be aware of the many nuances that can affect insurance rates when it comes to rental property.  For example, did you know that the type of building materials your rental property has can greatly impact what insurance rates you might see.

Another example is where the property itself is located.  Did you know that different locations can also come with different insurance rates?  This is largely because the rate of risk is perceived to be higher.  Thus, it is important that your insurance agent asks the right questions before any kind of paperwork is signed. 

Why Isn't Title Insurance Tax Deductible On Rental Property

Quite simply, this is because only interest and real estate taxes are deductible for a rental property.  Aspects like transfer taxes, title insurance, legal fees, recording fees, surveys, and so forth all become a part of additions to the basis in the property.  Essentially adjustments.

This is information that your insurance agent should not only know, but should also be willing to talk out with you.

Get the right insurance for your investment! 

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