Manufacturing Insurance

Manufacturing is big business. So when it comes to insuring your business, you want an insurance agency that understands your universe of risks and exposures.

At Benchmark, we can find coverage for a broad range of manufacturers across an array of verticals, including metals, food processors, industrial equipment, plastics and much more as well as specialty niches. We focus on protecting your critical assets and offer a broad array of coverages that can be tailored to fit the needs and exposures of individual companies. With the Benchmark Insurance Group, you can combine core property and casualty policies with enhanced protections specific to your business, for a powerful mix of broad and targeted protection.

Coverage for Manufacturers

Every manufacturer’s operations are unique. From your facility to your equipment and your employees – you need coverage that is just right for you. Some of the coverages we offer to manufacturers include:

  • General Liability: Our General Liability insurance automatically provides coverage for suppliers and others if you are required by written contract to add them as additional insureds and contractual liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage for which you have assumed responsibility under a written contract.
  • Property: Our strong property capability can be enhanced with unique coverage for metal and plastics manufacturers as well as printers.
  • Business Income: Our Business income (business interruption) provides coverage for off-premises utility service interruption and dependent properties anywhere in the world.
  • Product Recall: Our product recall expense coverage applies to your products, products of which are a component part because of a default, inadequacy or dangerous condition and product tampering.
  • Manufacturers E&O: Our Manufacturers E&O coverage protects against claims that your customers may bring for economic losses they suffer as a result of a manufacturing mistake.
  • International: Our International Choice policy protects manufacturers that export products or have employees who travel abroad, but have no physical presence or permanent employees overseas.
  • Ocean Cargo: Our Ocean Cargo Choice delivers some of the best transit international and domestic protection available today.