Real Estate

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Benchmark is one of Houston’s leading real estate risk management experts, that has the ability to furnish investors of all sizes with comprehensive and affordable commercial insurance packages.

As investors ourselves we have developed a comprehensive matrix that allows our clients with a clear understanding of their risk and how to effectively pin point insurance coverage’s required for your unique situation and portfolio of properties.

Why Benchmark?

  • Competitive Rate Guarantee
  • 24 Hour Quote Guarantee
  • Custom Real Estate Packages
  • We insure all properties all conditions

Policy Forms

  • Basic, Broad Special
  • Loss of Rents
  • Replacement Cost / Actual Cash Value
  • Vacant or Occupied

We Have The Ability to Serve

Real Estate Owners
Condominium Associations
Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development Firms
Residential and Commercial Builders
Single Family Real Estate Investors
Single Family Dwelling
Shopping Center
Office Buildings
Storage Facilities
Mobile Home Park
Industrial Warehouse
And more…