Auto Garage Insurance – Why Garage Keep Liability Is Important

Do You Have An Auto Garage?

Then You Need the RIGHT Insurance


If you have a company in the auto industry, such as an auto dealership or auto repair shop, then you should consider auto garage insurance.  This is because  general liability insurance may not be enough to cover all of the needs required for an auto-orientated business.

What Is Auto Garage Insurance?

As mentioned, auto garage insurance, also known as garage liability insurance, is insurance specifically for companies in the auto industry.  Those companies that sell or service cars in some way; whether it is an auto dealership or auto body repair shop.  Essentially, while auto garage insurance falls under the umbrella of commercial insurance, it is more segmented and niche, allowing for specific coverage.

When Do You Need Auto Garage Insurance?

Consider, for example, some of the exclusions involved in general liability insurance.  While general liability covers any bodily injury and property damage that may occur in the duration of repair or creation (such as a custom auto job), what about the finished product?  If you rebuild a transmission and it ends up exploding, harming a customer – then you may not be covered.

This is why insurance itself is so nuanced.  Another example would be property coverage. If you own tools, if there is  a lot of equipment in the facility, and so forth -  then Garage Keeper’s insurance is another viable need.

The point is to be protected!  Benchmark Broker excels at understanding what needs each industry has and what insurance will meet those needs.

Need Commercial Insurance? We Work In Multiple Industries and Niches


If you are in the market for commercial insurance, then you should know that Benchmark works in multiple industries and niches.  Thus, if you are a small, medium, or large business that specializes or works in a general industries; here's how we can help you:

Types Of Commercial Insurance Offered

Benchmark specifically specializes in Real Estate: real property, multifamily insurance, storage insurance, landlord insurance, retail shopping centers, and more!  This means that if you work in any kind of real estate, whether it is flipping houses or utilizing commercial property, we can help you.

However, also keep in mind that we also work in multiple industries and niches. From restaurants to auto garages, worker’s compensation, and more; if there is an insurance need, we can fulfill it.

Why Commercial Insurance Is Important

Commercial insurance is wholly different from personal insurance because you are insuring a business rather than a person.  Businesses, have their own specific needs and this would largely depend on the industry.  This is why it is extremely important to sign with an agent that best understands, not only your own business needs but the requirements and needs of the industry as well.

In addition, as a broker, there is essentially no limitations to what we can and cannot write. In addition, it is paramount to build solid relationships with underwriters.

This means that, on average, we are able to negotiate rates 80% – 90% down.