We Have Commercial Property Insurance Articles To Help You Invest Smarter

We Have Commercial Property Insurance Articles That Help You

Commercial Property Insurance Articles Related To All Manners of Insurance

Did you know that we have a wide range of commercial property insurance articles?   You should also know that Benchmark is a company that handles all types of insurance, no matter what the market may be. 

We Have A Variety of Commercial Property Insurance Articles

Did you also know that Benchmark produces at least three blog posts a week?  This is because we want YOU to be comfortable with insurance!  Insurance shouldn't be scary and you should not be afraid to shop the best insurance rates for you. 

In addition, while other insurance companies will simply give you general liability and call it a day, we want to know what you are doing, what risks may exist, and so forth, so that we can offer the best coverage possible. 

Commercial Property Insurance Articles For Any Niche

We also have information that is catered to many different niches.  For example, if you are a real estate investor, you may want to know about the previous claims history of your home.  Or, if you work in construction, have you considered getting workers' compensation?

We have the information you need to protect your assets and get the RIGHT insurance for your needs!

We make shopping for insurance easy, so contact us today! 

Commercial Personal Property Insurance, Here’s Why You Need It!

Do You Have Commercial Personal Property Insurance?

Protect Your Business Assets With Commercial Personal Property Insurance!

If you don’t have commercial personal property insurance, then you may be putting yourself and your business at risk.  Whether you own an automotive business, are in the food and beverage industry, or whether you simply buy commercial property for a real estate investment – this type of insurance is imperative for you to get!

What Is Commercial Personal Property Insurance?

This type of insurance specifically refers to the non real estate property that your company may own.  For example, this would include any of the following:

  • Office Supplies, such as staplers, staples, pens, notepads, etc.
  • Furniture, such as the desk, chair, tables, and so forth.
  • Office Furnishings, such lamps, rugs, decorative plants, etc.
  • Computers and Electronics.  From a basic laptop to studio recording equipment.
  • and so on! 

Even if you are in a niche industry, and the equipment is specialized, such as heavy machinery for a construction company or auto tools for a dealership, commercial personal property is essentially all non real estate related assets.

Why You NEED Commercial Personal Property Insurance

Quite frankly, it is possible that some of these items may not be covered with general liability insurance.  Having additional commercial personal property insurance will insure that you are further covered in the event that something something should happen, and you must make a claim.

Get covered today!  Get the right insurance for your needs! 

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance For Contractors, What You Need To Know

Are You Look For Comprehensive General Liability Insurance For Contractors?

Here's What You Need To Know About Comprehensive General Liability Insurance For Contractors

Are you a real estate investor that is looking for Comprehensive General Liability Insurance For Contractors?  Or, perhaps you are a contractor yourself, whether an artisan or general contractor.  In either of these cases, here's what you need to know:

What Is Comprehensive General Liability Insurance For Contractors

In essence, general liability covers potential lawsuits that could arise from injury, whether for the contractor who suffers some type of injury or potentially an issue stemming from the use of the tools themselves.  Comprehensive then, would refer to the needs beyond that, such as workers compensation if a worker gets injured while on the job.

Essentially, it allows you to determine all aspects of coverage, from injuries to construction defaults, and beyond.

Why Do You Need Comprehensive General Liability Insurance For Contractors

In short, general insurance alone is never enough to cover everything that could potentially go wrong.  For example, suppose a construction default happens on the property, which essentially refers to work not being completed or not being completed on time.  Who might be liable in these instances.

No matter what, you prefer it to not be you or your crew.  Or, if you a real estate investor, the last thing  you want to worry about is a lawsuit because of someone else not fulfilling their due diligence.

Got insurance questions?  Maybe on insurance pricing? We can answer them!  Get the right insurance for your needs! 

Commercial Property Cost Per Square Foot And How It Relates To Insurance

Do You Know Your Commercial Property Cost Per Square Foot?

Knowing Your Commercial Property Cost Per Square Foot Can Help Determine What Insurance Rates You Get!

Do you know your commercial property cost per square foot?  The reason why this is important is because it allows one to have a better understanding of the potential insurance rates that can be expected, and as a real estate investor, you want to make the most strategic moves for your investment.

What Is Your Commercial Property Cost Per Square Foot?

To find this number, you would divide the total number of the overall square footage by the price being asked.  Or, the overall price of the home.  Thus, for example, a commercial property that sells for $100,000 would be divided by 2,000 square foot which would then be $50 per square foot.

This gives you the specific price on your property investment, and as a real estate investor you want to know exactly what your commercial property is worth.  This could then help you understand how feasible it is to flip, or to simply use it commercially.

Why Do You Need To Know Your Commercial Property Cost Per Square Foot

As mentioned, the cost of your property is one, of many items, that will help you determine what kind of insurance rates you get.  For example, if you live in Harris county then you should expect specific interest rates as opposed to if you lived in another county.

Knowing what interest rates you should receive can greatly work to allow you to determine key investment strategies for the long run.

Why Your Tree May Be An Insurance Liability



Trees, and other external aspects on your property, can act as a great way to bolster your investment – however, they can also become a serious insurance liability as well.

How Trees Can Become An Insurance Liability

If you have trees on your property, are they touching your house at all? If you’re a commercial real estate investor, then you should know the answer to this question.  In addition, you should also be aware of what other external factors may act as a liability on your real estate investment property.

All of these elements can potentially cause an insurance company to forgo offering insurance, your rates may go higher, or an insurance agent may require these issues to be fixed before acceptance.

How To Prevent Trees From Becoming An Insurance Liability

The best way to prevent trees from becoming an insurance liability is to simply be mindful of their placement in relation to your home.  If the trees are touching your property, it can potentially be disastrous because they might fall and cause damage to your home.  Thus, you may need to cut down said trees or simply trimming them may suffice.

If you have questions regarding any potential  liability, remember you can reach out to us!