Vacation Rental Insurance Property Owners, Do You Have Any Liabilities?

Vacation Rental Insurance Property Owners, Are You Facing A Liability On Your Property?

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Vacation Rental Insurance Property Owners, is your real estate investment properly insured?  No matter if the vacation rental is a multifamily property or a singular property, here's what you need to know:

Why Vacation Rental Insurance Property Owners Need To Know About Liabilities

This is the best season for vacation rentals, whether an individual is starting a lease on a new property, or they are looking for a short term lease on a vacation rental.  In addition, this is also the season in which tenants will often have guests over as well.

In both of these scenarios, you need to be aware of the potential liabilities that could spring up.  For example, if a guest is invited by the tenant, and suffers an injury, who then becomes liable?

What Liabilities Vacation Rental Insurance Property Owners Be Aware Of

During this time of year, one of the most attractive features is swimming pools.  Without a doubt, this feature can not only increase the price individuals are willing to pay for rent, but it can also pose as a major liability.

Thus, if your vacation rental has a swimming pool, or your regular property does, then you MUST ensure that you minimize liabilities as much as possible.  Beyond that, you can also mitigate risks by acquiring different types of liability insurance, such as liquor liability.

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Knowing The Claims History Will Help With Property Insurance Claims

Do You Know The Property Insurance Claims Made On Your Home?

Knowing The Property Insurance Claims Will Alert You To Future Issues

Do you know the Property Insurance Claims that have been made on your real estate investment property?  If you do not know then you could be potentially creating an environment where you can have a liability on your hand later on down the line.

What Are Property Insurance Claims?

These are the specific claims that have been showcased with your property.  Essentially, the insurance claims that have already been made revolving around a specific incident.  As a real estate investor, you need to know what investment you may be getting yourself into.

These claims, which you could get through a C.L.U.E. report will allow you to not only understand the specific claims that have been made, but also the circumstances surrounding them, such as water damage being from a flood.

Why Should You Know The Property Insurance Claims Of Your Investment?

If your real estate investment has seen some type of flooding, then is it possible that it may have mold damage which will only grow worse over time?  Furthermore, is it possible that, because of the potential for molding, your tenant may sue you if they suffer from respiratory issues as a result.

This may be likely and if it does occur, you may be faced with a lawsuit.  That is why it is essential to know the nuances of your real estate investment before you purchase the home!

Houston Multifamily Insurance Liabilities: Slips, Falls, And Bedbugs

If You're A Multifamily Real Estate Investor Then You Need To Be Aware Of Houston Multifamily Insurance Liabilities

Houston Multifamily Insurance Liabilities Can Include Bed Bugs, As Well As Slips And Falls

Houston Multifamily Insurance Liabilities can seriously impact your real estate investment.  Not only can they create a potential problem with the reputation of a multifamily property, making it harder to fill up capacity, but it can also lead to potential lawsuits as well.

Here's the ones you need to be aware of:

Houston Multifamily Insurance Liabilities:  Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be an extremely problematic occurrence, as they are not only hard to treat once they make their presence known, but they can also be a major liability.  This can be especially true if the tenant claims that the bedbugs are a result of negligence by the property itself, such as failing to conduct routine insect sprays.

The primary goal for any real estate investor is to minimize risks as much as possible.  Thus, it is important for you to not only have the property sprayed regularly, but it is also necessary to keep all documentation to showcase the fact that you did your due diligence.

Houston Multifamily Insurance Liabilities: Slips and Falls

Another important liability to keep track of is slips and falls, which can occur because of a wet surface, stairs, and any number of hazards.  These can become major liabilities and can potentially lead to lawsuits, should the tenant become injured as a result.

The primary way to circumnavigate the potential for slips and falls is to ensure that the property is properly maintained and that signage is always posted, alerting tenants of any potential hazard.

If You Do Not Have Assault And Battery Insurance, You May Suffer A HUGE Claim

Do You Have Assault And Battery Insurance Coverage?

If You Do Not Have Assault And Battery Insurance Coverage, Then You May Be Liable

When a multifamily insurance claim occurs, it can be extremely detrimental to your real estate investment,  why is why you NEED Assault And Battery Insurance Coverage.  Not only can it cause insurance rates to go up, but it can also result in lawsuits; both of which can cost you time and money.   Among those with the most impact are those associated with assault and battery.

What Does Assault And Battery Insurance Coverage Include

An assault and battery can include a shooting, a stabbing, a robbery, and any other violent act; whether between tenants or a visitor to the multifamily property.   As mentioned, this can result in higher insurance rates, legal liabilities, or an outright lawsuit.   While these are often based on the circumstances surrounding the assault and battery; they can still lead to a very serious multifamily insurance claim.  In turn, your multifamily real estate investment is at serious risk.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Assault And Battery Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, shootings, stabbings, and other violent acts sometimes do occur on a multifamily property even with prevention measures in place.  However, the key is to not only ensure you have the best insurance possible, should a multifamily insurance claim need to be placed, but also to minimize risks through specific efforts.  This can include installing security cameras, having security gates, and so forth.

The goal is to protect your real estate investment as best as possible.

Having A Dog On The Premise Can Become A Major Multifamily Insurance Liability

Don't Let Dogs Become A Multifamily Insurance Liability

You Can Prevent A Multifamily Insurance Liability By Getting Dog Bite Liability Insurance

Did you know  that dog bites can often become a HUGE multifamily insurance liability?  In fact, dog bites are one of the biggest insurance claims period.  It is imperative to understand why this is, and how you can work to prevent this type of multifamily insurance liability.

How Can Dogs Become a Multifamily Insurance Liability

On average, there are around 4 million dog bites a year in the United States alone.   Broken down, this is about $30,000 to $50,000 in monetary claims.  While the level of severity for dog bites can certainly differ, the above numbers reflect an estimation of a very serious problem.

It doesn't matter if the dog is a bull breed or a small toy dog - dogs can often become unpredictable.  If you do not allow dogs on the property, keep in mind that, if the dog is an assistance dog, then it will need to be allowed (even if it is a bull breed).  Thus, even if there are only a few dogs on the premise, this can be potentially problematic and raise the level of risk for your property.

Preventing A Multifamily Insurance Liability

The primary goal is to try to prevent lawsuits from springing up.  The best way to do to that is to invest in dog bite liability.  That way, should a dog unfortunately bite a tenant, you can better cover your assets.